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What type of material should I use?

If you have had a tile shower before and have tried to clean it, you know how difficult it is to maintain clean grout lines. Cultured marble is installed with custom designed panels that fit your tub or shower exactly. There are no dirty grout lines, stain trapping joints
to clean. Cultured marble is a far better material for you to use as a shower or tub surround.
Cheap fiberglass inserts can crack, stain, and leak after a few years. Our Cultured Marble is made of 3/8 inch thick material on the walls and 3/4 inch thick material on the floors and trim, and is installed by our well trained, experienced installers to your satisfaction. Many color options and combinations are available from which to choose. Many find that combining our cultured marble with our cultured granite adds many more design possibilities too! See some of the photos on this page, to see what we mean.

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